Global Hedge Fund Investing

September 18, 1998 – New York, NY – Charles Gradante, Co - Founder of Hennessee Group LLC, interviews on Bloomberg TV with Doug Crizer discussing hedge fund investing.

Noteworthy highlights from this particular interview include Hennessee Group Managing Principal, Charles Gradante, discussing Latin America, the IMF, and the general economy. IMF criticism policy and criticism is discussed. Gradante says that budgetary plans the IMFis placing on the Pacific Rim will reduce their demand for imports from the G7. Gradante relates that Brazil is reluctant to negotiate with the IMF which is seen as posturing by the Brazil. Gradante believes that the decline in Latin American markets is a result of an overreaction to declines in Russia and the Pacific Rim. Gradante discusses Alan Greenspan, Federal Reserve policy, He also discusses Irrational Exuberance in the context of the dot com bubble bursting.



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