Index Information

All fund returns are recorded in their relevant style indices (for more information on how styles are determined, please see “Style Definitions”). 

Each style index is calculated by taking an equally weighted average of the underlying hedge funds for that style.  The overall Hennessee Hedge Fund Index is calculated by taking an equally weighted average of all the underlying funds in each individual style.

All returns are reported to Hennessee Group LLC net of fees. The Index includes hedge funds that are both open and closed to investments.  Hennessee Group does not publish directories, lists, or information on the funds that comprise the Indices.

Funds in the Indices must meet series of requirements, including:

  • Have at least a 12 month track record.  An exception may be made by the Index Committee for any firm with over $100 million in hedge fund assets;
  • Have $10 million in assets under management;
  • Report net performance figures on a monthly basis (as pre-determined) and in a timely manner;
  • Be willing to communicate their investment style to Hennessee Group for accurate inclusion in the appropriate sub-index

The funds in the Hennessee Hedge Fund Index® are believed to be statistically representative of the larger Hennessee Universe of over 3,000 hedge funds and are net of fees and unaudited. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.



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