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Will Corporations Migrate To More Favorable Tax Jurisdictions?

By Charles Gradante

July 2007 – Henry Paulson recently announced that he supports reform of the U.S. Corporate Tax Structure. “Cutting corporate and capital gains taxes will increase spending and boost productivity.”  The Hennessee Group agrees with Paulson and believes that reforming our corporate tax structure is fundamental to keeping the American economy strong.

U.S. corporations are not only fighting foreign protectionism, the U.S. tax structure is also hindering their competitiveness.  Behind Japan, the U.S. has the highest corporate income tax in the industrialized world.  No wonder U.S. corporations are disadvantaged with Federal and State corporate taxes at 39% for U.S. corporations versus 25% for the European Union (not including other federal subsidies afforded European Corporations).  U.S. corporations have a 14% differential which reduces their ability for competitive pricing.  Right now, the weak dollar is offsetting much of this differential but we cannot run an economy on ever declining strength of the dollar.

Combine this with double taxation on corporate income and lengthy depreciation schedules and we have more drag on Corporate America.  Further, headwinds to U.S. competitiveness overseas is the double tax of international income of U.S. corporations.

Opposing tax reform are concerns about the budget deficit.  The U.S. Budget Deficit is misunderstood.  It is about half the historical level since the 1960’s and the deficit will likely come in below 2% of GDP in 2006.  This is a manageable number and well below the fear point at 5% of GDP.

The concern we have at the Hennessee Group is that corporations are seeing the global market as just that.  The option of migrating to another tax jurisdiction is now on the table in corporate board rooms.


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